Sunday Founders
the beginning of vc transparency


Don’t ask “where can I get money from?”


“who do I want money from”


Australian VC Landscape

by Airtree. “This is designed to be a resource for founders. We all know how hard it is figuring out who to approach for funding and when to approach them - so we wanted to build a crowdsourced list of active investors in the Aus startup ecosystem. We (the AirTree team - have seeded this using public data sources, but it's really designed to be a "living" document that's owned by the community. So everyone has read-write access and we encourage you to add investors or update details as appropriate - please just make sure you use it responsibly!”


The Fundery: The Essential Venture Capital Database for Women Entrepreneurs

by Inc.- Kimberly Weisul, We found the VC firms specifically investing in women entrepreneurs. This new tool will help you discover which one might back you.


Australian Female Tech Founders Map

by Lynda Coker. “It's a reference tool for female tech entrepreneurs to enable both awareness of and ability to source relevant support on their journey in commercialising their business. We've included programs of substance in each State for the different funding stages as well as wider Community initiatives available.”


Women in VC

The world’s largest global directory for women in venture capital to find each other, connect, and collaborate.



Elpha is the leading women-only online forum to tech talk candidly.


A Female Perspective

by Lola ( creator of A very practical list or resources about venture. “So I decided to gather a list of more 130+ resources from entrepreneurs and investors who share their own experiences, each of them being paradoxically both unique and universal, as well as academic researchers and journalists who are looking into the causes and effects of the current state of the industry.”

Questions early-stage VCs may ask you.

by Elizabeth Yin. “I’m a former founder who’s reviewed over 20,000 pitches as a General Partner at Hustle Fund and as a former Partner at 500 Startups. This is a list of questions I regularly ask early-stage founders in order to decide whether or not to invest.”