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Female-only teams make up 4.8% of VC portfolios.

12% of venture partners are women.

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Out of 738 portfolio companies, only 1 team is female of colour.

1% of venture partners are females of colour.



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An interview of Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix interview with Guy Raz of How I Built This illustrates what we’re trying to do:

RAZ: There was a story I don’t know when it came out maybe a year or so ago that at a certain point in your journey to raise money you experience harassment from a prominent partner at a prominent venture capital firm. They released a statement eventually saying we should have done better or something like that, was that a common experience for you?

LAKE: Well, I can’t speak to that specific example but you know I think that there were real challenges with the power dynamic I think of you know, who has the power, and who has the money and who doesn’t

RAZ: Was it mostly you standing in front of a room of mostly men?

LAKE: Yea, that’s mostly true, yea. And I think that there are elements of it that just feel structurally unfair that I don’t think get solved unless you change the proportion of men and women that are in leadership roles in venture capital. And so, you know there are example where, like I was, at a conference and Chris Sacca was on the stage, like there were 100’s and 100’s of people in the room and he was saying this publicly.

RAZ: And Chris Sacca you said, he’s a venture capitalist, right?

LAKE: Yea, and one of the things he was saying was like ‘you know, I’m not a typical venture capitalist, like I don’t have an office in San Francisco, I live up in Tahoe. You know, entrepreneurs, they come to me, and they come hang out with me in Tahoe and come and drink beers in my hot tub and I get to know them and their businesses.’ You know there’s part of that like “oh cool, that’s different” But if you think about it, I’m sitting in the audience and I think I was pregnant at the time. I’m sitting in the audience, I’m pregnant, I’m like, I’m not gonna come meet you in a bikini and I can’t even come into your hot tub because I’m pregnant and I can’t drink your beers because I’m pregnant, you know there’s just all of these structural elements that just make it harder, and more challenging. You know you just realize, well I guess, I’m never going to be able to be in his pipeline, and like, that’s okay, but like there’s just fewer… it’s just challenging

RAZ: You know, and there’s like a tone deafness. And I, I’m wondering, if since more and more of this stuff is coming out people talking about it and we’ve had Jen Hynam on the show and she’s talked about her experiences with Rent the Runway, whether some of that is trickling down in a way that’s starting to change behavior. I don’t know, do you, are you hearing that in any way?

LAKE: I certain hope it is and I don’t want to make it seem like everything is super unfair and that everybody’s a creep, that’s really not the case, I’ve had great partnerships with venture investors and by and large I think people have good intentions. I do genuinely hope that it’s getting better, and that people are at least more aware and so, you know, my hope is at least being able to see the success stories creates another pattern recognition for venture investors.

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